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Abilene letter carriers are getting ready to bring back the National Association of Letter Carriers "Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive" on Saturday, May 14, 2022. This marks the 30th anniversary and the first time since 2019 that letter carriers will collect food again (as you'll see in the video below).

Letter carriers throughout Abilene and the Big Country will be picking up your non-perishable food donations that are to be left by your mailbox. Letter carriers walk through our neighborhoods every day and they get to see hunger firsthand.

<p style="text-align: center;">All Donation Stay Right Here In Abilene And The Big Country</p><p> </p>

So every year on the second Saturday of May, letter carriers across the big country collect non-perishable food items from big-hearted West Texans. All the food donations will go directly to our local food banks and or pantries that help provide food or meals for the hungry in our community.

Right now there are thousands here in Abilene that feel the impact because they don't have enough to eat. Those most affected by hunger on a daily basis, in our area are children and our elderly over the age of 60. Many of them are living on fixed incomes and are too embarrassed to ask for help. Many children only eat what they get at school.

Participating in this year’s letter carriers Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive is really easy, just leave your nonperishable food donations in a bag by your mailbox and on Saturday, May 14, 2022, letter carriers from all over Abilene will collect your donation.

However, if you would like to donate money that is possible in two different ways. First, you can donate online at or by simply putting your donation in an envelope clearly labeled for stamp out hunger drive.

Photo by: NALC
Photo by: NALC

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