What originally began as a fundraiser for the Salvation Army, back in 1938, is now celebrated the first Friday in June each year as National Donut Day.

According to the history books, this day was created to honor the female volunteers (Salvation Army Donut Lassies) who served donuts to soldiers behind the front lines in World War I. Could you imagine spending all that time frying up some donuts only to have to avoid bombs and gunfire while serving them up during the war?

Let's not forget those brave women who brought us a delicious holiday.

So when you bite into that warm glazed donut, just remember there's more to the holiday than just free donuts.

Here are some local businesses celebrating with freebies.

  • Dunkin Donuts: Free classic donut of your choice with beverage purchase - while supplies last
  • 7-Eleven: Buy one get one free deal for 7Rewards members

Get your sugar buzz on and have a Happy National Donut Day!

Also, if you find yourself close to a Krispy Kreme location (which we don't have in Abilene), then stop on in for their celebration.

As a side note, have you ever wondered why some people spell the word doughnut while others spell it donut?

Well, the official spelling (according to the dictionary) is doughnut. However, we Americans are pretty lazy and, apparently, adapted the shortened version, of donut, in the late 19th century. Yet, it really didn't catch on until late in the 20th century.

And who can we thank for popularizing the shortened version of the word? Well, look no further than Dunkin' Donuts for popularizing the changed spelling.

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