The next time you cruise the streets of Abilene, please keep a watchful eye for all the marvelous art. Trust me, driving around Abilene is a lot more fun when you're scouting out the beautiful murals, that many of our local artists have painted, on various buildings.

Although I don't know all of the area artists, I do know many of these murals were created by Calina Mishay Johnson, Kameron Keith Alexander, and Stephanie Prosser. So whether it's a gallery, or on the side of a wall, be on the lookout for their amazing artwork.

So, while West Texas may appear to be barren and desolate, the streets of Abilene are alive with many vibrant murals that should command your attention. Many of these dazzling displays are in the downtown area, north and south.

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That's not to say there aren't many other charming murals in the area; that just means I haven't found them all yet. Searching for Abilene area murals is kinda like geo-caching or Pokemon Go. It truly is a treasure hunt in which I encourage everyone to do.

If you know of any other Abilene area (and beyond) murals and have pictures of them, please email them to me so I can add them to the gallery you're about to check out. Please include the artist, if you know it, and the location of the said mural. You can also just email me the location of the mural and I'll go get a photo myself.

You can find a map of some of the downtown murals on

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