21 Savage appears to be all about peace these days, but it seems he is never too far away from slipping back into street mode. Video recently surfaced of the Atlanta rapper pulling out a pistol during a brawl at a recent pool party.

Footage of the melee has been obtained by TMZ. According to their report, the incident took place at a pool party in Atlanta dubbed the "Big Ass Pool Party" on Saturday (June 9). Everything was seemingly going fine until a large group of people showed up. Tensions began to raise from there between the new group and 21's team and eventually, TMZ reports, words were exchanged over an insult aimed at a woman in the Slaughter Gang rapper's camp and a brawl broke out.

In video of the hectic scene, people can be seen throwing blows, with one man getting laid out in the grass. 21 stands on the outskirts of the action, and appears to get a revolver from a member of his team. According to eyewitnesses, 21 pulled out the gun in response to a member of the rival faction upping a weapon. Fortunately, no shots were fired. Police eventually arrived and shut the shindig down. No arrests were made.

Savage has been on his Rodney King wave in the wake of the Pusha-T and Drake beef, recently expressing that he wishes rappers could all just get along. In other 21 Savage-related news, it was recently announced he will perform at the 2018 Voodoo Experience in New Orleans.

Check out video of the hectic pool-party scene below.

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