French fries are better than French flies.

YouTuber Matthew Santoro has compiled this list of the 10 most disgusting things in fast food. If you're queasy, this is probably not for you. From a condom in clam chowder to a bandage in a pizza to bullets in a hot dog, watching this may turn your stomach and compel you to give tofu, asparagus casserole and organic kale smoothies a chance.

Now, these are odd stories, for sure, but they just highlight that eating greasy food with preservatives and ingredients with letter combinations you usually only see on a cabbie's license may not be the best choice for living a healthy life.

Then again, a juicy bacon cheeseburger is delicious, so we're willing to risk a worm in the beef, knowing it's so unlikely that happens.

Eat well, everyone. And beware.

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