A state business organization will weigh in during a hearing regarding regulations involving a reptile.

The Texas Association of Business will be among the groups supporting a plan which will ensure that the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard will not have a serious negative effect on oil and gas production in Texas, following much ado on possibly listing the lizard as an endangered species.

The opportunity to weigh in on the plan, coordinated by State Comptroller Susan Combs, was open to all area interests, including farmers, ranchers, private landowners, private mineral royalty owners, and other affected state agencies.

If the lizard is listed as an endangered species, it could limit oil field production in West Texas and eastern New Mexico for two to five years.

“This plan accomplishes the one essential thing that is critical to Texas, the assurance that oil and gas exploration and production can continue regardless of the outcome of a listing decision for the lizard,” said Bill Hammond, President and CEO of TAB.

“TAB will continue to support changes in the underlying statute and process that will ensure the preservation of truly endangered species, where practicable, and the economic survival of those whose efforts will ultimately ensure the preservation of the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard.”