Nelly wants his latest sexual assault case dismissed.

According to the Associated Press, the St. Louis rapper's lawyer filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit from Nelly's British sexual assault accuser last Thursday (Jan. 24). The suit alleges that that Nelly sexually assaulted her in a dressing room after a meet and greet after Nelly's concert in Essex in December 2017. She filed the lawsuit in November 2018.

According to Nelly's lawyer Scott Rosenblum, a “cloak of anonymity” for the accuser invites people with personal vendettas “to use the federal court system as a tool to inflict calculated harm against others’ reputations” while protecting themselves from scrutiny “that false accusations properly risk and invite.”

The request was filed after Nelly flew out to the U.K. to meet with police and seemingly offer his cooperation in the matter. Since no criminal charges have been filed, the rapper recently took the time out to meet with U.K. law enforcement officials, who interviewed him about the sexual assault accusation. Sources connected to U.K. law enforcement told TMZ that Nelly's interactions with the police were both "voluntary and helpful."

"Nelly flew to the U.K. on his own volition last week to work with the police in assisting their investigation to clear his name completely," the rapper's rep said of the matter.

The anonymous woman's attorney Karen Koehler previously said the alleged victim reported the incident to police more than a year ago. She believes the investigation is still ongoing. This latest allegation surfaced more than a year after Nelly settled with a woman who accused him of rape in September 2017.

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