This year’s drought is quickly climbing up the ranks to take its place as the worst drought on record.

Officials say the 2011 year has so far taken second place, beating out the drought of 1918, according to National Weather Service meteorologist Victor Murphy. The period beating 2011 is the drought from 1950-1957, a record we hope this year won’t try to beat.

Keep in mind, 2011 is only in second place for the worst drought in Texas overall. 2011 takes the cake for the worst one-year drought in the lone-star state. Here in Texas we’ve seen less than an inch of rain statewide, with 90% of the state clawing its way through stage two drought conditions, meaning we’ve endured the driest consecutive eight, nine and 10 months on record.

And don’t expect it to be over any time soon. Newly updated weather maps show Texas breaking drought records through at least October.